December 28, 2016

And That’s How We Learn!

Before entering the Auditorium at RIE, Bhopal, I was in the past – thinking what we – The Team NavaNadisar had done with ICT! Even feel proud for what we had done.
The early days when we fondly used Tape Recorder to record dramas, cricket commentary, even the talk we did in the class. Listen them back and reflect over that ! The Questions of children and we tried to do something else! We played with the Tape recorder. Played the poem on it and I mute the audio as the line picked up by the children – and so on! A television has been arrived through a programme for villagers named “Nirantar Shixan” – We had  many learning experiences  with that Magical Box! The children guessed what the characters in that box might speak – we laughed – we created dialogues – we wrote -  All the things imported in the same way when we had the android phones in our pockets. Our journey had a rich input as eleven computers added with a new LCD TV! We were proud to manage the things also – As most of the students could do basic computing! The inbuilt exercise of Language and maths were a boon for us in our classroom process! We had some confusions as the speakers of all computers created chaos and the children could not concentrate what they were listening! We had fixed Headphones on their heads – and the journey kept moving!
We were much excited for the videos we created for classroom – that could help us – the video that can be substitute of the teacher! The child can learn herself. They can watch in peer or in groups and can reflect over it! We had given cell phones in their hands! We tried our level best to put the things in their reach!
And all the pedagogy we have attained from the blog and the social media! We were in the illusion that we had used it in the best way! We thought we had done a marvelous job by creating a whatsapp group of villagers! So the villagers started being ONE forgetting the caste and religious! (Before they had no connection as they all are migrated from various parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhypradesh. The School is the only reason to make them sing in tune)  We thought we had made wonderful video channel on YouTube by sharing more than 250 videos of school activities! We amazed with the numbers of subscribers and the viewers and the comments we got for improvement.I have received “The Srusti Sanman” for Nagarik Ghadatar Activity that reached to IIMA from our blog. Our students were invited in the children’s creativity workshop at IIMA because of we keep writing about their day to day creative activities. Without a blog or social media a small school of a rural part cannot have even a dream to take part in such workshops !
            So on… There were many things in the mind –we had done THIS and THAT !
On the 19th of December 26, 2016, the participants started their presentations and in the first hour was like NOTHING! The only thing resounding in mind is Geogebra!
 But then I got curious for each presentation! Not only for what the nominee is saying, but for my own thoughts that, how might the jury reflect over it. And that’s the interesting quest for all the five days. At the end, I realized that we can do many more things – like we can use other software in our school. Before we had used ICT for learning only,  I met some friends there and got the ideas of evolution part also.  Specially the Applications – they are easy to track record of the children’s progress! I am now aware of the use open source applications! I collect the idea of making the administrative tasks easier by creating a LAN! The Last I have heard about but not used - What a wonderful platform NROER is!
And I admit in the end that as a teacher, I have grown my wings with the help of technology and made the wings stronger during the exercise we have done almost 10 hours a day at Jury meeting!
Thank you All who have supported me in the journey!