October 05, 2008

Green School

Look at this Flowers.................................................

Hi Friends my great pleasure to show the greenery of our school.

Before two years none of will not think about any Flower plant or a new tree in our school compound.

The populations around the school is 100% of animal care taker(Bharwad)

So, all of us afraid if we try to plant but it goes in vain cause the animals would destroy the plantions!

But then we realise it's our duty to plant and then let it be whatever happen!

And a great deal of hard work of whole staff now the scene is a quite different.
Have a look

Above is the "TULSIVAN" Many saplings of Tulsis are planted at one place in a shape of rising Sun! It's looks beaUTIFUL!!!
This is the way to entering in the school. On right side there are trees of KASAD(The rain trees) and as well as the a plenty of flowerplants. With a border of MAHENDI.

On the left side there are GULMAHOUR TREES. This side has also the Border of MAHENDI!

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