October 18, 2008

Drama Games by Swaroop

We have a great time with Mrs. Swaroop Sampat in the new programme named LIFESKILL THROUGH DRAMA at G.C.E.R.T., Gandhinagar.
I want to share the games that are basically for Drama but by reflection of Swaroop turn them to use in Education. So now they are not only Drama games but also educational games!

Game no. 1-
The facilitator says the students to walk in different directions…rather say here and there …
Then the F. says to walk as they are going to his/her maternal uncle’s house. The students will show their enthusiasm and walk at that time the F. says statue to them. The students stops.. The F. touch 1 students ‘s shoulder and free only him/her and say to observe others faces.. As the student Will Find that they are happy..
As second time, The F Says to walk like they haven’t done home work and it is sure they are punished by the teacher and they are going to school.. Do the same
Say statue after some time and release the students one by one and make him/her to observe others emotions..
By this game he students will learn to identify their and others’ emotions.
Most exceptional thing in this game is that the students are never hesitate because they are not going to see one another’s faces as they are walking here and there!
So try this game.. Give your comments and I will add some more games as time goes…


nima said...

hey good ha n keep it up
you are a gooe social worker

Swaroop Rawal said...

hey lovely photos....remembering the TOT...get ready for more...