June 20, 2009

Chocolate on 18th june

First day in school.......
Though I've visited school three or four times in vacation but 18th June is special....After so many days I've met my darling students.

In 7th standard it's easy to start communication as they are the students who have passed through Life skill periods in 6th. so, we have started with discussing point- Why we can't be happy in present moment?
Some answers are amazing and mature..
Nirmal: We always want the things, we haven't
Nirmal: We are thinking about school when we are at home and thinking about home when in school.....

In standard 6th talked about what have they learnt new during vacation?
They show me a new game-CHOCOLATE(showing the snap) It is really a nice game...Played with them. I'm going to use this game as pre task of chess.

In 5th started with their talks.....Made them free to say anything they want to say as they are new students for me. Then cut some jokes and recite the prayer "God's love is so wonderful!!!!!!!!

Over all have a happy starting of new semester....

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