February 27, 2009

Mod com at primary

hi friends these are some photographs of the programme named modcom at primary.

Its main purpose is to develop fluency of the teachers who teach English in the primary schools of Gujarat.

In the first session Dr Rajendrasinh Jadeja the director H.M.PATEL INSTITUTE OF ENGLISH TRAINING AND RESEARCH, Mr A.K.Patel, diet Gandhinagar, Mr Gadhwi, Diet kathalal and Mrs komal Joshi, Dce Gandhinagar have given the main views of the training.

Dr jadeja is giving guidence about how do we want to develope the fluency through the stories..How can we make them confident that even they can also speak in English. He also talked about the self monitor. The self monitor is the one which stops the fluency...(About this I will post a separate article)

We also make experiment and tell all the stories to the students of saputara primary school. The trainees are also present there so they can realize that yes, it's happening.

I have told one story with the help of the story calendar.

The D.P.E.O. of Dangs MR Rajanibhai Patel visited the workshop and guide us...

Mr A.K.Patel is busy in group work. Discussion of the basic rules of the story telling. What is important and which things may be improved later....A healthy discussion has been taken place....

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